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Rachael Neel EACO Experience

Posted on August 30, 2016 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (2)

My name is Rachael Neel and I got the great opportunity to intern with EACO. I graduated from my University in Indiana, USA with a bachelors’ degree in Health Sciences. I came to Empower And Care to improve my health educating skills. I was a Program Coordinator and Workshop facilitator for 3 months. This organization is run by a small staff that have the biggest hearts! I had the most amazing time living in a small village in Mukono District.

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Safe and clean water is for all

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In the Mukono District, duringperiods of low rainfall when shallow water wells dry out, women and childrenwalk up to 10 kilometers in search of clean water. More often than not, thisresults in children not attending school and women having less time to engagein income-generating activities.

With funding from Vibrant VillageFoundation, EACO has constructed and repair boreholes in the villages ofNamasumbi, Nabale and Nyanja and trained residents in borehole maintenance andrepair to ensure...

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Working to Abolish Child Sacrifice in Uganda

Posted on February 1, 2012 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (6)


Child Sacrifice has turned into a business

There is growing concern among the Ugandan public and child protection practitioners about the persistent reports of child sacrifice and trafficking which are manifested through kidnaps, abduction, murder and disappearance of children.

The heinous practice of child sacrifice has been linked to a range of other forms of child abuses including traf...

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Reliable Water Access Improves Women's Empowerment

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This project basically aims at providing accessible clean and safe water for everyone in the community of Kyampisi Namanganga village for a better and healthy life.

Water supply, sanitation ,and health are closely related. Poor hygiene, inadequate quantities and quality of drinking water, and lack of sanitation facilities cause millions of the world’s poorest people to die from...

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Mukono widows get window of hope

Posted on July 27, 2011 at 10:43 AM Comments comments (8)

EACO trains clients in income generating activities like poultry farming, mushroom, vegetable, and banana growing. The women are also taught entrepreneurial skills like making art and crafts and shop keeping. So far 70 widows and elderly women have benefitted from EACO projects.

Pease for more information about this you can find it on this link bellow


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EACO has opportunities for Virtual Volunteers

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Empowerand Care Organization (EACO) Ugandais a Community Based Organization (CBO) operating in Mukono county and Marachadistrict, Uganda.  EACO’s mission is to reduce poverty andHIV/AIDS through the creation of economic empowerment, educationalopportunities, and support for disadvantaged groups of people. EACO’sactivities are targeted toward vulnerable women, particular...

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A Hard Life for Women in Rural Mukono

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A Hard Life for Women in Rural Mukono

By Shadrak Kyobe, Director, Empower and Care Organization (EACO)

Women bear almost all the responsibility in MukonoEmpower and Care Organization (EACO) Uganda has been implementing community- based projects in the Mukono and Maracha districts in the sub counties of  Kyampisi, Nama, Ggoma, Nakisunga, and Mukono central division – an area which is a primitive, remote rural village with a high growing population, which pop...

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