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    As a community based organization developed by and for Ugandans, EACO has to work gain the funding required to run it's projects. below are the PARTNERS

    Partners and Projects

    With funding from Vibrant Village Foundation, EACO has constructed and repair boreholes in the villages of Namasumbi, Nabale and Nyanja and trained residents in borehole maintenance and repair to ensure sustainability. EACO  also conducts sanitation and hygiene education classes for villagers. VVF Website

    The goal of this project is to make clean water accessible within 1 kilometer for 100% of the people in rural Mukono and bring relief to thousands of residents, including those in surrounding communities.


    We refer clients with cases of legal aid to this Organization for support.

    International Justice Mission

     IJM protects widows, orphans and other vulnerable individuals from illegal property seizure in Mukono, Uganda and we came to know the Ambassador's Special Self-Help Program. Through IJM, so special thanks goes to IJM staff and volunteers more so to Sarah Staley who did a great work to write a proposal.


    US Embassy, KampalaUS Embassy KampalaProject to facilitate economic sustainable life situations for widows in Mukuno County, funded by the 2009-2010 Ambassador's Special Self-Help Program.

    The grant funded the seeds, poultry and pigs that have been distributed by EACO to 20 widows in Mukono County. Also in Year 20014-2015 we received another grant through the Community Grants and the purpose of the grant was to empower rural vulnerable people with knowledge and skills in beekeeping, as a way of addressing rural poverty and general health issues and to provide them with a set of basic tools and support  to help them get off the poverty trap.


     Just a DrJust a Drop logoop   Just a Drop, with Travel2, funded a water and sanitation project, benefiting Over 1,000 households and 5,500 people. and Lugali Village




    Kitchen Table Charities Trust

       Kitchen Table Charities Trust Website: Website, Has funded Reinstating four, collapsed, out of use clean water wells and establishing a regular inspection and maintenance programme in rural Mukono and now 


     With Funding from DWG we  repaired and constructed one borehole at Namanganga and this project has improved health and saved lives, of many people in this region, especially by reducing incidences of diarrheal disease in children. Women are having time to concentrate on their income generating projects, boys and girls will have better opportunities for education.



     Website to SuSana Organization


    Empower and Care Organization EACO with Irise International works to support the education and empowerment of marginalised women and girls specifically through developing a replicable and sustainable solution to Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM).



    With Funding from Eu Can Aid we are repairing and constructing one borehole and this is going to help improve health and save lives, of many people in this region, especially by reducing incidences of diarrheal disease in children. By improving health, boys and girls will have better opportunities for education.




    We also rely on the generosity of private donors and volunteers, Special thanks goes to Sarah Cassidy, Claire Miller, Leone Greco, Luciano, Andrea, Geoff, Jonathan, Nandos, Nadia, Lucy, Harriet, Jo and many friends both in Uganda and outside Uganda and UNDP/UNV Volunteers

     Current projects which EACO is seeking monetary donations for are below


    •  Children's care and support projectEducation and poverty go hand in hand, and many of the young people EACO work with don't have the fees or opportunity to go to school, or even other basic necessities of life. Under this project we provide school fees and materials, medication and food for needy families. By donating just 
    • £10 you can pay for a Ugandan child to attend a government school for 1 year.
    • £20 will help to set up a generating project for a child
    • £30 will help to bring safe and clean water to a child
    • £40 will help to protect a child in a community

    Also Thanks to you all, we need your support to continue our work supporting children and communities affected by child mutilations in Uganda.
    • Women empowerment and support project: This project will enable more women we work with in the community to engage in income-generating activities. The ability to increase their income and invest in their families and communities will then help to improve their families' health and well-being.  Each donation can help a woman to start an income generating activity by providing training (which we provide) and capital to set up the income generating activity (for example by providing seeds, animals or required materials).  
    • $10 will provide 23kg of maize seeds, 
    •  $50 Will provide 5 cotton bags to be used in the growing of mushrooms,
    •  $90 Will buy two piglets to start a firm in one home to work as an income generating project.
    •  $100 will provide 10 chickens to one family. 
    • Care and protection of grandparents project: We increase awareness to increase community support for grandparents.  Any donations are spent on medication, food and other identified necessities (like home repairs). 

    • Water and sanitation project: Funding is sought for this project so that further bore holes can be drilled in areas of identified need.  At present we have 40 identified locations, so far 2 bore holes have been constructed.
    • Ø       £7 could pay for a bag of cement to produce a latrine slab

      Ø       £10 will bring safe drinking water to one person

      Ø       £25 will train the clients on hygiene and sanitation

      Ø       £50 will buy a pipes for construction

      Ø       £90 will buy construction materials   

      Ø       When you donate £8000 will help to drill a deep borehole with the under ground tank

      Ø       £200 could buy a locally built rope pump

      Ø       £750 could pay for a community association to provide a village with hygiene promotion,

                latrine construction training and water point management

      Ø       £2,500 could provide a village with a hand dug well and a handpump, giving them access to clean, safe water

      Ø       When you donate £2500 this will build a latrine for 100 pupils in a school and this will improve their health as it is their right

      Ø       when you donate £1200 it will help to build a latrine for one home of a widow with orphans who can not afford to put up one.
          We want to build 200 Latrines for our beneficiaries (Pit Latrines but well ventilated)
    • Bee keeping projectBeekeeping for income generation among marginalized women

      EACO’s program is being implemented to provide women in rural Uganda with a source of income to supplement their meager revenues from agricultural activities. This allows them to buy clothes, books and stationary and send their kids to school.

      To help with the Beekeeping Project you can contribute by directing your donation to a specific item. All these items are necessary and very important to the people involved in the project. By donating one or more of these items you are addressing very specific needs.                                    




      Select donation item              value

      Beehive                              $30

      Smoker                               $25

      Overalls                             $35

      Veils                                   $25

      Gloves                                $15

      Wax (one/kg)                    $15

      Wires/nails                       $20

      Bee suit                              $75 

       We will be very thankful! And the beekeepers will also be very thankful!

      You will be able to follow the results of your donation on our facebook page where we will post pictures of the beneficiaries operating beehive..  The objective is to ensure self-sustainability of EACO beneficiaries by guaranteeing that they are in a position to meet their basic needs (i.e. food, water, shelter) and support their school dues like school fees and medical treatme 

    • Food security project This project aims to to improve agricultural activity and productivity  by introducing new species and technologies, post-harvest losses will be reduced by improved 
    • $10 will provide 23kg of maize seeds, 
    •  $50 Will provide 5 cotton bags to be used in the growing of mushrooms,
    •  $90 Will buy two piglets to start a firm in one home to work as an income generating project.
    •  $100 will provide 10 chickens to one family. 

    • storage facilities, soil erosion control and conservation measures which will improve soil fertility and hence land productivity, and nutrition interventions will promote a better utilization of food, more healthy communities and hence a less food insecure population.
    • Other EACO activities: any general donations made to the organization can be used to support our other education and community work, including educating the community about family planning and child sacrifice.

    Non-monetary donations are also accepted and appreciated. EACO's beneficiaries lack basic necessities, such as clothes and utensils. EACO welcomes any donations big or small.

    Wire or bank transfer


    Beneficiary details:


    If you want to make a donation or sponsor a child or support any project please you can request for the bank transfer form by contacting us on the address bellow.

    Empower And Care Organization  (EACO)

     P.O Box 2784 Kampala, Uganda East Africa

    Mukono Uganda on Major Ssegujja’s house,

    Street: Kayunga RoadGgulu A Kitete Village, behind Collin Hotel in Mukono Town

    Tel:  +256 414 291 102, +256 774 310 393,

    Email: [email protected]  

    Donate by cheque

    Mail donations to: EMPOWER AND CARE ORGANIZATION at the above address.

    Please feel free to contact Shadrak Kyobe or Mirina Nanziri






    Empower And Care Organization  
    Beneficiary Address: P.O Box 2784 Kampala, Mukono Uganda on Major Ssegujja’s house, 
    Tel:  +256 414 291 102,  +256 774 310 393, 
    Contact: Shadrak Kyobe
    Street: Kayunga Road, Ggulu A Kitete Village, behind Collin Hotel in Mukono Town
    City/Town: Mukono Country: Uganda 

    Bank Details: 
    Account Number: 0364000670 
    United Bank for Africa Bank Address;: Spear House, Plot 22 Jinja Road, Kampala Uganda P.O Box 7396, Mukono Branch, Tel: +256-4177-15100, Fax: +256-4177-1511-71 Email: [email protected] 
    Street: Nabuti City/Town: Mukono Country: Uganda 

    Donate by cheque: mail donations to: EMPOWER AND CARE ORGANIZATION at the above address.
     $100 Will provide 20 chickens to one family to work as an income generating proj